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Kids Classes

It's never too early to get started in the kitchen.

Inquisitive toddlers begin to figure out how things work and learn simple tasks such as pouring and mixing ingredients together. Not a tidy task, but nevertheless, a fun and stimulating learning experience for toddlers. 

Preschoolers can sharpen their fine motor skills by cracking and beating eggs, measuring dry and wet ingredients and learning how to cut with safety knives.

Grade-schoolers can take it up a notch with basic techniques like whisking and chopping, and cooking over a hot stove (with supervision). 

Tweeners can further hone their knife skills and begin to independently follow recipes. 

Teens can gain their independence in the kitchen with simple recipes to more complex aspirations such as cooking an entire meal for the family.

Price per student starting from $35

Ages 3 - 16

Classes run approximately 2 hours plus 45 minutes dining time.

In-home experience available, transportation fee will apply.

Comfortable, closed-toe shoes and long hair tied back recommended.

Refreshing drinks and healthy snacks included.

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