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Intimate Meals:

Romantic Dinner takes you and your loved one to a world of gourmet cuisine and 5-star service without leaving the comfort your lovely home. In this exciting culinary experience, your very own private chef will create a 3-course or 5-course masterpiece of delicate, delicious and daring dishes from a variety of cuisines. 


A romantic dinner is an ideal way to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or any other special event. It can also be a to simply celebrate the love that you share with your partner.

Romantic Dinner is prepared in your kitchen and served in your dining room, so you don’t even need to leave the house to connect with each other over a gourmet meal.

Your Chef will:

  • Sources fresh, local ingredients on the day of

  • Arrives at your place 1.5 hours early to set up and prepare

  • Help set the mood with table decorations, lighting and music

  • Acts as a Photographer to capture that special moment

  • Served beverages while you enjoy the evening

  • Present gourmet courses throughout the evening

  • Clean your kitchen and leave everything spotless

Personalized packages starting at, $350 per couple

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